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We all have teeth and we all want to keep them fine for life time. The purpose of preventive dentistry is to help each of us to keep our teeth & gums healthy today & everyday.

One of the successful effort of preventing dental diseases from last 60 years is water flouridation. Although drinking water fluoridation reduces the risk of dental decay in 15 to 40% cases.

Flap & Gum Surgeries
Preventive dentistry for children include
Flap & Gum Surgeries
Flap & Gum Surgeries
  • Brushing Habits
  • Dental Development
  • Flossing
  • Fouride Application
  • Oral Habits
  • Orthodontics
  • Parent Involvement
  • Proper Diet
  • Sealants
  • Sports Safety
Importance of preventive dentistry in children

Preventive dentistry is useful for every individual & for the society as a whole but for children it means healthy smile.

Children with healthy mouth chew more easily & gain more nutrients from the food they eat. They learn to speak more quickly and clearly have better chances of general health becoz diseases in the mouth can endanger the rest of body a healthy mouth is more attractive giving children confidence in their appearance finally preventing dental diseases preventive dentistry means less extensive & less expensive treatment for children.

Flap & Gum Surgeries

Mouth & Throat diseases which range from courity to cancer are causing pain & disability for millions of indians. This fact is disturbing because almost all oral diseases are largely preventable when diagnosed on the right time; Preventable dentistry should be started from the first tooth visit the Paediatric dentist when the first tooth appears in the mouth. The earlier the dental visit better are the changes to prevent infant dental diseases & bringing your child to cairty free generation

There is always good to prevent than to treat.Small decay properly diagnosed & Treated on time can save many further complications like pain,R.C.T,tooth loss,life threatening infections like cellulites & ludurigs angina. Steps to be taken for prevention as an individual & society as a whole are

  • Regular check-ups(individually)
  • Regular check-up for whole family, motivation & concerned for each other within the Family for dental health
  • Prevention of decay in school children
  • Prevention of flourosis in flauride objected areas
  • Prevention on gum diseases
  • Early diagnosis & treatment plan for children who got crowded teeth
  • Prevention of cold & canken sore
  • Exploring the effect of one to one dental health education on dental health outcomes
  • Identifying the barriers to implement oral health strategis to overcome then individually & in a society
  • Assessing the effectweness of preventable advice delivered by the dental team
  • Follows up after any dental procedures
Flap & Gum Surgeries